Felicity Spear: Umwelten
Oil on wood


Stephen McLaughlan Gallery

Umwelten—eco-fields and other universes

14–31 August 2019 — Stephen McLaughlan Gallery

Speculations about the possibilities for other habitats or other universes beyond our sensorium at either a micro or macro level.

Umwelten—eco-fields and other universes

Out there: in light of remote possibilities

out-there-wave-form-500 Felicity Spear - Shifting Boundaries

A sound work created from star radio frequency samples.



50 years since man first stepped on the Moon

20 July – 1 September 2019 — Gippsland Art Gallery

A group exhibition curated by Erin Mathews


Felicity Spear: Somnium—Kepler’s Dream

Explore the romance of space through visual culture produced during and after the Moon landing.

The works span the furthest reaches of the human imagination to the reality of space travel. Original photographs from NASA of the moon landing take pride of place, together with works from contemporary artists who respond to the romance and unknown of space.


The Moon

14 June – 1 September 2019 — Geelong Gallery

A group exhibition curated by Lisa Sullivan


Felicity Spear: Somnium (detail)

20 July 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the first Moon landing and the first steps taken on the lunar surface.

The exhibition includes historical works created when the Moon could only be viewed from afar, works from the era of the 1960s space race, and more contemporary responses informed by the imagery and scientific knowledge acquired through space exploration.

The Moon

Parallel Universe

3–27 April 2019 — Stephen McLaughlin Gallery

A group exhibition curated by Felicity Spear


Felicity Spear: Many Worlds (detail)

The human sensorium is enough for us to get by in our own ecosystem, but it does not approximate the larger picture where different ways of thinking or seeing might take us beyond our sense of an immediate reality.

Parallel Universe

The Sky Lab Project


Felicity Spear: Shifting Boundaries

The cultures and technologies associated with sky-situated knowledge are entering the public consciousness. Increasingly we look beyond our planet to speculate about cosmic signs in our everyday world, the relationship between Earth and sky, and our future and place in the universe. The author and astronomer John Barrow writes:

We feel like the Universe’s only child and that has many consequences.

In 2009 Felicity Spear curated the first Sky Lab exhibition to coincide with the International Year of Astronomy. Since then she has worked with a core group of artists to develop the projcet.

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Working with a range of media, Felicity Spear’s art practice has evolved through interests in history and art-historical images, optical phenomena, light and space, mapping and abstraction, and the relationship between the natural and constructed world as they are revealed through art and science and the mechanics of image capture.

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Felicity Spear - Shifting Boundaries

Shifting Boundaries 2013
(Oil on canvas)