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Future Tense: 1. The Recession | 2. Tipping Point | 3. Feedback Loop | 2014 (Pigment inkjet prints)

Felicity Spear

Felicity Spear - Shifting Boundaries

Shifting Boundaries 2013
(Oil on canvas)

Working with a range of media Spear's art practice has evolved through interests in history and art-historical images, optical phenomena, light and space, mapping and abstraction, and the relationship between the natural and constructed world as they are revealed through art and science and the mechanics of image capture.

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The Sky Lab Project

The cultures and technologies associated with sky-situated knowledge are increasingly entering the public purview as we are looking beyond our planet to speculate about cosmic signs in our everyday world, the relationship between Earth and sky, and our future and place in the universe. The author and astronomer John Barrow has written:

We feel like the Universe’s only child and that has many consequences.

In 2009 Felicity Spear curated the first Sky Lab exhibition to coincide with the International Year of Astronomy. Since then she has developed the Project with a core group of artists and the addition of invited artists for further iterations of Sky Lab.

Sky Lab: Kepler’s Dream


Sky Lab: Kepler’s Dream

17 August – 25 September, 2016


Lesley Duxbury - Night Vision(s) 2016

Coming to the La Trobe University Visual Arts Centre in Bendigo in 2016

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