Traversing Space

Stephen McLaughlan Gallery, Melbourne 2002


Felicity Spear Traversing Space
(Contact photographic print)

These works reference the navigational model of the sextant, the mapping of space using optical instruments, aerial views and a local landmark, the You Yangs Hills. These Hills were a vantage point for two cultures in collision: the Wathaurong Aboriginal people and exactly two hundred years ago the European navigator Matthew Flinders. An installation of paintings, photographs, contact prints, photograms and mirrors juxtapose and layer different points of view, aerial and multiple perspectives, some of which have been captured from the air while flying over these Hills. These works were created after being part of a crew sailing a yacht along the coast of southern Australia.


Traversing Space (Essay)
Penelope Richardson
Traversing Space (Review)
Pam Clements

Notes on Traversing Space
Felicity Spear

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Felicity Spear would like to acknowledge John Pettit for the flight over the You Yangs in his 1930’s Observation Plane enabling an aerial view and photography, William Wilson for the viewing and photographing of George Bass’s compass on the 200th anniversary of his arrival in Port Phillip Bay, Peter Spear, Jack Finlay and Richard Ham for sailing experiences, and Penelope Richardson for her words.