Which Way Is Up?

Fermynwoods Contemporary Art Gallery, United Kingdom 2006
University of Hertfordshire Art and Design Gallery, United Kingdom 2007
Artists: Felicity Spear and Sarah Winfrey


Felicity Spear Out There
(Pigment inkjet print)


Felicity Spear Catalogue cover


Sarah Winfrey Catalogue cover

This exhibition brings together Felicity Spear and Sarah Winfrey, artists from opposite hemispheres. Their focus is on the subjective territory of mapping and maps discovered through both historical and contemporary cartography, art and science. They work with elements of light and time, remote sensing, data collection and map projections, to construct fragmented, hybrid and layered mappings that reconstruct speculative physical and psychological spaces.


Crux (Felicity Spear)
Alex Selenitsch
Poet, artist and architect
Projections (Sarah Winfrey)
Geoff Quilley
Curator of Maritime Art at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich

About Which Way Is Up?
Fermynwoods Contemporary Art
Descriptions and Source Materials
Felicity Spear

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