About Which Way Is Up? Which Way Is Up?

Fermynwoods Contemporary Art

This joint exhibition by artists from different hemispheres, of work resulting from the traversal of the globe, offers complementary engagements with the visual representation of space. Enlisting not the illusory imitation of spatial depth on the picture surface, in the conventional western landscape tradition, but the visual and scientific technologies for measuring space and the subjective relation to it, this work is also at the forefront of the use of new digital technologies in artistic production. Taking mapping as its common theme, it proposes a bold and adventurous chart for the direction of visual art in the twenty-first century.

Geoff Quilley

Curated by Rosalind Stoddart


  • Geoff Quilley, writer
  • Michel Szczepanski, master printer, C-Lab, Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne, Australia
  • Luke Coulson, multi-media technical assistant
  • Anglo-Australian Observatory/David Malin Images
  • The State Library of New South Wales, Crux Collection of Rare Maps, Reference Library (Corsali), Mitchell Library (Verhaer)
  • National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London: X-ray globe images
  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • Monash University, Faculty of Art and Design, Melbourne
  • Stephen McLaughlan Gallery, Melbourne
  • Alex Selenitsch, writer

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