Parallel Universe

3-27 April 2019 — Stephen McLaughlan Gallery

A group exhibition with 10 artists curated by Felicity Spear


Felicity Spear: Many Worlds

What if beyond our dislocated dreams we could sense a parallel universe made possible because we could see more of the information which we cannot now see?

Parallel Universe

Fossil – a slow-acting violence

2–19 August 2017

Curated by Felicity Spear


Felicity Spear- Vanitas (2017) — digital print

Curated by contemporary artist Felicity Spear, the art works in Fossil – a slow acting violence are speculations on the nature of the fossil and the different and unexpected ways this can enter our thinking.

The exhibition brings together five artists: Simon Finn, Harry Nankin, Debbie Symons, Anne Scott Wilson and Felicity Spear.

They create works using diverse media to tease out the ways in which the fossil is connected to time and place, life and death, technology and the inevitability of change. Over many millennia often violent changes have taken place on Earth which have gradually been revealed through the fossil record.

Fascinating and beautiful fossil specimens give us insights into the evolution of life on Earth. However the images in this exhibition remind us that while we may be seduced by Nature’s intensely seductive surfaces, thinly exposed beneath them is a deep pathos embedded in the destructive power of nature, including ‘human nature.’

Stephen McLaughlan Gallery, Melbourne.

Fossil – a slow-acting violence

Ad Hoc

18 January–4 February 2017

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