Sky Lab 2013 — Image Gallery

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Daniel Armstrong

Aqua Optica: Saturn 2013. Glass, water, digital projection (Spherical) - 35cm x 35cm (not installed)

Vanessa Stanley

Your Time Machine 2, 2013. 10mm clear float glass, stainless steel. Height 1550mm x Length 1299mm x Diameter 300mm
One Shadow 1-5, 2013. Five circular painted glass platters, glass paint on 6mm super clear float glass. Diameter 380mm
The Earth Was Dead, 2013. Video, 3 minutes, variable size

Harry Nankin

Syzygy 8/Transit Of Carina Volans, 2011. Two gelatin silver shadowgram films created by exposure to starlight mounted on separate starfire glass panes with screen-printed circular mask on opposite face. Each glass/film object is 335 x 355 x 5mm.

Sam Leach

Gaseous Giants and Galilean Moons, 2013. Brass, parabolic mirror, 3d printed planets, 80cm x 50cm x 15cm
Van Dalem in Dymaxion, 2013. Oil and resin on wood, 3 panels, 81cm x 35cm

Magda Cebokli

Metaphor for All Seasons 2011
Probability Monochrome: Eclipse 2012
Ring#2 2011
Ring#3 2011
Probability Monochrome: A State of Certainty 2013
All: Acrylic on canvas 101.5cm x 122cm

Lesley Duxbury

Outer site-day. Inkjet print, 70 X 100 cm
Outer site-night. Inkjet print, 70 × 70 cm
66.0667° N18.6500° W 21/06/2012-22/06/2012#3. 6 inkjet prints and ink, set of six, each 33 × 48.3 cm

Tarja Trygg

1. From the winter solstice to the summer solstice 2010, Helsinki, Finland, 60°N, 24°E, Solargraph, pigment injet print 1110 x 1450 mm
2. Easter time in Helsinki, 2003, 60°N, 24°E, exposure two weeks. Solargraph, pigment inkjet print, 890 x 1190, mm
3. Franschhoek,South, Africa, 34°S, 19°E, can assistant Petra du Preez, Exposure: 24/12/2010--‐3/4/2011, Solargraph, pigment inkjet print 1190 x 890
4. Brisbane, Australia, 2005, 27°28′4.5″S 153°01′40″ can assistant Robyn Wallace, exposure: August to December, 2005. Solargraph, pigment inkjet print 184.84 ×1430 mm.
Solargraphs in editions of 10.
5. Film: Solargraphy–SpaceArt

Govinda Sah ‘Azad’

Uncertain: Centre, 2010. Mixed media on canvas 40 x 40 cm
Cloud, 2010. Oil & acrylic on canvas 40 x 40 cm
Sky 1,2,3,4, 2013. Acrylic on canvas, 1 by 100 by 100 cm, 3 by 90 by 90 cm

Felicity Spear

Deep Field – interconnected euphoria or the overview effect. 2007 archival pigment inkjet prints on soft cotton paper, 7 panels, overall size W 700 cm by H 350cm